Communication and study

of wood diseases

The Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) is the State Agency for scientific research and technological development, which encompasses the activity of more than 1500 research groups in its 120 centres. One of its research centres is the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ICVV). This is a mixed research institute jointly owned by the CSIC, the Government of La Rioja and the University of La Rioja and its mission is to provide a multidisciplinary research environment to develop knowledge in viticulture and oenology that will serve as a basis for technological development and innovation in the sector. He has recently been coordinator of the national project on vine wood diseases (RTA2015-00015-C02-01).The CSIC ICVV has a total of 13 research groups, including the Biovitis group. This is a research group that combines applied and basic research into the biology, ecology, epidemiology and control of diseases of the vine caused by fungi, grapevine trunk diseases (GTD) and powdery mildew.


The CSIC (ICVV) is the partner responsible for Action WP2 (Communication), in which it will work together with the UPNA. It will communicate and disseminate the methodologies and good practice guides, and will publicise the project and its results, as well as collaborate in activities derived from other actions, such as the study of wood diseases with microscopy and molecular biology technologies.


David Gramaje: Doctor of Agricultural Engineering, Ramón y Cajal, researcher at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences, ICVV CSIC, and coordinator of the Biovits group.