At the end of March 2020, in line with the proposal to strengthen cooperation between the different players in the territory on both sides of the border, and to improve the competitiveness of winegrowing in the POCTEFA territory, pruning trials were set up in a coordinated manner between the players in France and Spain. To this end, Cabernet Franc vineyards in Madiran and Irouleguy, and Tempranillo vineyards in Rioja and Navarre, were visited and trials were carried out with different forms of pruning on young vines to compare the effects of more respectful pruning with more harmful pruning.


T1. Pruning by the winegrower. From all the shoots of the year, the one with the most vertical layout was selected. There are aggressive cuts in wood, without leaving any protection wood.

Figure 1. Pruning of the vine grower

T2. Respect pruning. Pruning was carried out following the flow of sap and protective wood was left on all cuts.

Figure 2. Respectful pruning, maintaining the flow of sap

T3. Aggressive pruning. It was done with large cuts, without protection wood, without respecting the flow of sap.

Figure 3. Aggressive prunning

To characterise the initial vigour of each of the treatments, the diameter of all the shoots on each plant was measured in order to obtain the average per treatment of the shoot section.

Pruning will continue, following the same guidelines during the following years of the project, so that the effects can be accumulated and the influence of the type of pruning carried out in the first years on the future development of the vineyard and its longevity can be evaluated.

Figure 4. Pruning work carried out on young vines in france

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